District Health Department #2

Serving Alcona, Iosco, Ogemaw & Oscoda Counties

West Branch office (989) 345-5020 · Tawas office (989) 362-6183 · Harrisville office (989) 724-6757 · Mio office (989) 826-3970 · Toll-free 1(800) 504-2650

Department of Human Services

District Health Department #2 conducts Environmental Health inspections for Department of Human Services (DHS) licensed facilities. Typically the DHS consultant for a facility will send in a written request to the Health Department for the Environmental Health inspection.

A partial inspection will review the water supply and sewage disposal system for a facility, including taking water samples.  A full inspection will review the water supply, sewage disposal systems plus other aspects of the facility, as applicable, including: the food service operation, the conditions on the interior and exterior of the facility, pool or beach facilities, other health and safety factors.

After the inspection the health department will send a report and a recommendation to the DHS consultant noting the compliance rating of the facility based on applicable rules.

The type of  facilities that may receive an Environmental Health inspection include:

  • Children's Camps
  • Child Care Center
  • Child Care Home
  • Adult Foster Care
  • Foster Family Home