District Health Department #2

Serving Alcona, Iosco, Ogemaw & Oscoda Counties

West Branch office (989) 345-5020 · Tawas office (989) 362-6183 · Harrisville office (989) 724-6757 · Mio office (989) 826-3970 · Toll-free 1(800) 504-2650

Water Well Educational Guide

The Environmental Health Regulations for District Health Department No. 2 requires that the health department maintain a Water Well Educational Guide.  The Water Well Educational Guide is updated periodically and is reviewed by District Health Department No. 2’s Water Supply Advisory Committee.

The Water Well Educational Guide includes information on:

  • Known ground water contamination areas
  • General information on water quality
  • General information on well drilling
  • Well abandonment information
  • Well maintenance information
  • Pertinent telephone numbers to assist citizens constructing or repairing wells