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Residential On-Site Sewage Disposal System

District Health Department No. 2 Onsite Sewage Disposal Program is designed to assure compliance with the local sanitary code called the Environmental Health Regulations.  The goal of the program is to effectively manage onsite wastewater disposal and treatment so that the private home owners and area citizens are protected against potential disease causing organisms found in wastewater.  The program also ensures that the state’s groundwater and surface water resources are protected.


Specifications and requirements for the sewage disposal system will be contained on the construction permit. The system must then be constructed in accordance with the permit.

A permit is valid for the remainder of the year in which it is written and all of the following year.

A permit may be extended for one (1) year provided an extension is applied for within 30 days of the permit’s expiration date, and any site changes do not affect the permit.  An extension form with the accompanying fee must be submitted.  Only one (1) permit extension is allowed, after which time a new permit application must be submitted.

Applying for a Permit

The Environmental Health Regulations require that property owners obtain a construction permit prior to installing or repairing an onsite sewage disposal system. Permit applications can be obtained at any District Health Department No. 2 office.  Once the application and the associated fee are submitted, a site visit will be arranged at the location of the proposed sewage disposal system.   Environmental Health staff will visit the site and conduct a soils and site review and then, if site conditions allow, write a permit for construction of the sewage disposal system.

A number of factors will determine the actual size and locations of the proposed sewage disposal system system, including, but not limited to:
• Soil texture
• Seasonal high water table
• Topography and slope
• Isolation to surface water and drainage areas
• Isolation to water wells
• Property line location
• Number of bedrooms
• Garbage grinders
• Sewage ejector pump, in the basement

A completed application is valid for the remainder of the year submitted and for two (2) additional years, after which time a new application must be submitted. 

* The application can be obtained from the link at the right*

Final Inspection

A final inspection of the completed system will be conducted by District Health Department No. 2 staff prior to covering the system with soil.

Final inspections are arranged by mutual agreement with the health department and the system installer and/or property owner.