Communicable Disease

District Health Department No. 2 Communicable Disease Division

Phone: 989-345-5020

Fax: 989-343-1896

Communicable Disease Coordinator: Karla Mattson RN ext. 1851

Communicable Disease Public Health Nurse: Stacy Deboever RN ext. 1850


At District Health Department No. 2, preventing and controlling communicable disease is a necessary and important task to protect our communities in Alcona, Iosco, Ogemaw, and Oscoda counties. District Health Department No. 2 staff works with physicians, laboratories, schools, and other community partners in reporting of disease, data collection, education, referral for care, and treatment of disease.

Timely and accurate reporting of Communicable Disease information allows the health department staff to:

  • Quickly identify single or multiple cases of disease occurring within a similar location.
  • Identify person at risk of acquiring or transmitting a disease.
  • Identify need and recommend appropriate prevention measures for those affected.
  • Provide Education.

Routine communicable disease activities and services are provided during regular health department hours. Staff are available outside of normal business hours for emergency situations. Please call our 800 number, found at the top of this website, for more information.