Communicable Disease Reporting


For questions about illness or filling out the communicable disease reporting form please call the public health nurse at 1-800-504-2650.


Disease Name Notify Health Department Vaccine Letter Template Fact Sheet Resource
Adenovirus Yes Adenovirus Fact Sheet CDC – Adenovirus
Bed Bugs No Bed Bugs Letter to Parents CDC – Bed Bugs

MDHHS – Bed Bugs

Campylobacteriosis Yes No CDC – Campylobacter
Chickenpox (Varicella) Yes Yes Chickenpox Letter to Parents CDC – Chickenpox

DHHS – Chickenpox

Common Cold No Common Cold Fact Sheet CDC – Common Cold
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) No CMV Letter to Parents CDC – CMV


COVID-19 Yes Yes COVID-19 Outbreak Letter COVID-19 Isolation Guidelines CDC – COVID-19


Croup No Croup Fact Sheet CDC – Croup
Diarrheal Illness



No Diarrheal Illness Fact Sheet CDC – Diarrheal Illness

Mayo Clinic – Diarrheal Illness

E. Coli

(Shiga toxin-producing)

Yes No E. Coli Fact Sheet CDC – E. Coli
Fifth Disease

(Erythema infectiosum)

(Parvovirus B19)

No Fifth Disease Letter to Parents CDC – Fifth Disease
Giardiasis Yes No Giardiasis Letter to Parents CDC – Giardiasis
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease



No HFMD Letter to Parents HFMD Fact Sheet CDC – HFMD

Mayo Clinic – HFMD

Head Lice


No Headlice Letter to Parents

Awareness for Lice Letter to Parents

Child Has Lice Notification to Parents

Lice Inspection Report to Parents

 Head Lice Fact Sheet

Head Lice Manual

CDC – Head Lice

MDHHS – Head Lice

Hepatitis A Yes Yes CDC – Hepatitis A

MDHHS – Hepatitis A

WHO – Hepatitis A

Herpes simplex I, II

(cold sores / fever blisters)

(genital herpes)

No Herpes Fact Sheet CDC – Herpes

WHO – Herpes


(Impetigo contagiosa)

No Impetigo Letter to Parents CDC – Impetigo

(Influenza-like illness)

Yes Yes Influenza Letter to Parents Influenza Fact Sheet CDC – Influenza

MDHHS – Influenza



(Hard / red measles)

Yes Yes Measles Exposure Letter to Parents Measles Fact Sheet CDC – Measles


Yes No Meningitis Unknown Etiology Letter to Parents

Viral Meningitis Letter to Parents

CDC – Viral Meningitis


(N. meningitis)

(H. influenzae)

(S. pneumoniae)

Yes For some bacterial strains Bacterial Meningitis Letter to Parents Meningitis Fact Sheet CDC – Bacterial Meningitis
Molloscum contagiosum No CDC – Molloscum

Mayo Clinic – Molloscum

Monkeypox virus


Yes Yes CDC – Monkeypox

MDHHS – Monkeypox



No Mononucleosis Letter to Parents Mononucleosis Fact Sheet CDC – Mono

(Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

No MRSA Letter to Parents MRSA Fact Sheet CDC – MRSA

MDHHS – MRSA Brochure

Mumps Yes Yes Mumps Letter to Parents Mumps Fact Sheet CDC – Mumps

(viral gastroenteritis)

Yes No Norovirus Letter to Parents Norovirus Fact Sheet CDC – Norovirus

MDHHS – Norovirus

MDHHS – Norovirus Cleaning

Pink Eye


No Pink Eye Letter to Parents Pink Eye Fact Sheet CDC – Pink Eye


Yes Yes Poliomyelitis Fact Sheet CDC – Polio

MDHHS – Polio

Rash Illness


No CDC – Rash Illness
Respiratory Illness


No CDC – Respiratory Illness

MDHHS – Respiratory Illness

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Yes RSV Letter to Parents RSV Fact Sheet CDC – RSV


No Ringworm Letter to Parents CDC – Ringworm

(German Measles)

Yes Yes Rubella Letter to Parents Rubella Fact Sheet CDC – Rubella


Yes No Salmonella Letter to Parents CDC – Salmonella
Scabies No Scabies Letter to Parents Scabies Fact Sheet CDC – Scabies

MDHHS – Scabies

Shigellosis Yes No Shigellosis Letter to Parents Shigellosis Fact Sheet CDC – Shigellosis
Strep Throat /

Scarlet Fever

No Strep Throat Letter to Parents CDC – Strep Throat
Streptococcus pneumoniae Yes Yes Streptococcus pneumoniae Fact Sheet CDC – Streptococcus pneumoniae


Yes No TB Fact Sheet CDC – TB



Typhoid Fever

(Salmonella typhi)

Yes Yes CDC – Typhoid Fever

WHO – Typhoid Fever

Vomiting Illness


No CDC – Vomiting Illness

Cleveland Clinic – Vomiting Illness

Whooping Cough


Yes Yes Pertussis Letter to Parents Pertussis Fact Sheet CDC – Pertussis

MDHHS – Pertussis

WHO – Pertussis


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