DHD2 Leadership Team

Denise M. Bryan, MPA, Health Officer: dbryan@dhd2.org

Dr. Mark Hamed, MD, MPH., Medical Director       

Devin Spivey, MPH, Deputy Health Officer: dspivey@dhd2.org

Anthony Spiot, Finance Director: aspiot@dhd2.org

Heather LeForce, MSN, RN, Community Health Director/Director of Nursing: hleforce@dhd2.org

Debra Laird, BSN, RN, Community Health Director/Nursing: dlaird@dhd2.org

Scott Izzo, MPH, MA, Community Health Director/Epidemiologist: sizzo@dhd2.org

Cori Upper, BAA, Environmental Health Director: cupper@dhd2.org

Connie Shaw, Administrative Director: cshaw@dhd2.org

Elisa Dack, RDH, MHSA, Community Health Director/Oral Health Coordinator: edack@dhd2.org

West Branch Reception x1826

West Branch Environmental Health x1842

Tawas Reception x1500

Tawas Environmental Health x1500

Mio Reception/Environmental Health x1700

Harrisville Reception/Environmental Health x1600

To report any website difficulties or ask questions via email: healthed@dhd2.org


This page was last updated on April 3rd, 2024.