Emergency Preparedness

District Health Department No. 2 is dedicated to protecting the health of our community during public health emergencies such as disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks or natural disasters.  We actively collaborate with local, state and federal agencies to prepare for and respond to incidents that threaten public health.

Since the terrorist attacks and anthrax mail attacks of September 2001 the role of public health as a front line emergency responder has become more evident.  The role of public health has been greatly expanded beyond responding to naturally occurring disease outbreaks to include bioterrorist attacks and other disasters, natural or man-made.  The expansion of this role has benefited our community greatly by bringing the vast resources and knowledge of local public health to multiple emergency response activities.

For several years District Health Department No. 2 has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control to improve our emergency response capabilities and build infrastructure to support emergency response. We have utilized these funds to develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness program that is capable of responding to a variety of emergency situations.

Below are links to fact sheets on various biological and chemical agents for your information.