Strategic National Stockpile

A health threat can appear at any moment, and the United States must be ready to respond anywhere at anytime. The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is part of the federal medical response plans and can supplement medical supplies needed by states, tribal nations, territories and the largest metropolitan areas during public health emergencies. The supplies, medicines, and devices for lifesaving care contained in the stockpile can be used as a short-term, temporary buffer when the immediate supply of these materials may not be available or sufficient. The SNS team works every day to prepare and respond to emergencies, support state and local preparedness activities, and ensure availability of critical medical assets to protect the health of Americans.

Reporting to the Dispensing Sites:

District Health Department No. 2 and other local emergency response agencies have developed and exercised plans to distribute these supplies throughout our community. Several sites have been identified to distribute needed medicines or vaccines. Citizens will be asked to report to these sites to receive medical supplies or treatment. Emergency response officials at the time of the event will determine the most effective way to route citizens to designated sites in an orderly fashion. As an example: citizen from particular zip codes may be asked to report during certain times to ensure that sites are not overwhelmed. At the time of the event specific information will be shared on how to access this resource.

Medical Screening:

Most medications and vaccinations require health officials to screen individuals for medical conditions and possible drug interactions with medications a person may be currently taking. For this purpose, medical screening forms have been developed. These forms will be available at dispensing sites and here at this website. Citizens can download and print the form from this website and bring it the site filled out to help make the process go more quickly. One form can be used for multiple people or an entire family. See the link to the medical screening form linked on the right.

Taking Medications:

It is important to remember to take any medication given at a SNS dispensing site exactly as prescribed and for the entire time recommended. Taking extra or excess medication will not provide additional protection and with some medications it is dangerous or even life threatening.