Existing System Evaluations

Existing system evaluations are performed in order to determine the compliance and adequacy of an existing on site water supply and/or a sewage disposal system.  These evaluations may be requested by a property owner, a potential property buyer, a lending institution or as a part of a real estate transaction or they may be required by the local building authority as part of the building permit process.

Existing system evaluations are conducted by a health department sanitarian who evaluates the system in accordance with the current Environmental Health Regulations in order to determine whether the system meets minimum compliance requirements.  On-site sewage disposal systems are evaluated according to system size, structural integrity, minimum isolation distances, and any evidence of malfunction/failure.  Water supply systems are evaluated for minimum isolation distances, construction deficiencies, and water quality (sampling).

Applicants must complete all of the necessary site preparation requirements for the evaluation of sewage disposal systems and must be present to allow the sanitarian inside in order to collect water samples and evaluate all of the water supply equipment located in the home. See the link to the right for the Existing System Evaluation Procedures.


Evaluation of Existing Systems Policy

Water Supply/Sewage Disposal System Evaluation Procedure, Handout to Applicant

Request for Evaluation of Water Supply and Sewage Disposal System Form