Food Service

Click here to view Interim Guidance for Food Employees Regarding Coronavirus (COVID – 19).


Under the authority of the Michigan Food Law 2000, District Health Department No. 2 regulates Food Service Establishments and public food events subject to licensing. The mission of the Food Service Program is to prevent foodborne illness by educating food service establishments and the general public on safe food handling practices and by ensuring that food items prepared and served by food service establishments are safe, unadulterated, and prepared under sanitary conditions.

The Food Safety Program’s mission is accomplished by providing the following services:

1. Review of food establishments plans, and conducting pre-opening inspections.
2. Conducting routine evaluations of Food Service Establishments which includes restaurants, taverns, schools, STFU’s, and vending locations.
3. Evaluation and licensing of Temporary Food Establishments at local festivals and events.
4. Responding to citizen complaints and inquiries.
5. Investigation of food borne illness complaints and outbreaks, to determine the cause and minimize the spread of disease.
6. Provide food safety information and education to licensed establishments and consumers.

District Health Department No. 2 has over 330 fixed food service establishments within the district and issues approximately 175 temporary food service licenses annually.