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Vaccine Programs (Do you bill my insurance? What if I don’t have insurance?)


Immunizations do not have to be expensive. DHD2 has special programs for vaccinations. Please refer to the programs below to see qualification criteria. DHD NO. 2 accepts Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards

VFC Program

The Vaccines for Children Program provides free immunizations to children age 18 and younger. To qualify, a child must meet one of the following conditions to receive VFC vaccinations:

  • Medicaid-eligible or Medicaid-enrolled
  • Uninsured or without any health insurance coverage
  • Underinsured or has insurance that does not cover vaccinations
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

*An administration fee of $20.00 is requested based upon ability to pay. However, if a client is unable to pay, DHD2 will not deny the vaccine.


The Michigan Vaccine Replacement Program offers select vaccinations to adults 19 years and older free of charge*. Adults must be without health insurance or underinsured. MMR, HPV9, Td, Tdap, Hepititis A & B, Pneumonia, PCV13, Shingles are among the covered immunizations.


Many health insurance plans cover routine immunizations. DHD No. 2 bills all insurances for children 18 years and younger. Adults with health insurance coverage will have to pay out-of- pocket for the vaccinations and administration fees, but will be issued a receipt that may be submitted to the health insurance company for reimbursement.

Comfort measures

After the shots

Be there for your child during shots