Plan Reviews/New Establishments/New Owners

  • The plan review process will prevent improper construction, operation problems, and additional costs to the operator
  • The plan review process involves areas of design, function, and operation for the portion of facility dealing with food service operation
  • The Food Law requires that existing establishments, that extensively remodel, submit plans to the health department and have these plans approved prior to any construction
  • New construction or remodeling requires a pre-opening inspection and approval by the health department
  • Plans are required prior to building a new food establishment or converting a building into a food establishment
  • See the links on the right for all necessary plan review materials

New Owners

  • A food service license is required prior to operation a food service establishment.
  • Food establishments that serve only alcoholic beverages also require a food service license
  • New owners of a food service establishment also require a new food license as food licenses are not transferable from person to person or facility to facility.
  • New owners must apply for their own license thirty (30) calendar days or more prior to the change of ownership and if necessary, submit plans and/or SOP’s
  • A pre-opening inspection is to be conducted by the local health department prior to the approval of the new license.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

SOP’s are required for all new food service establishments, STFU establishments, and for certain other food establishments when a change in operation occurs.

SOP requirements and guidance documents are contained in MDA’s Plan Review Manual (see links on the right).


This page was last updated on November 9th, 2022.