Public Pool

Swimming pools and spa pools that serve the public are governed by the state’s Public Health Code, Part 125 of Act 368 PA, 1978, as amended. A license to operate from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDNRE) is required to be obtained annually.  The state of Michigan contracts with the local health department to conduct annual inspections and to investigate citizen complaints, injury, and illness at a licensed pool.

Annual inspections by the health department at public swimming pools and spas are designed to assure that each pool meets standards for water quality, water treatment, construction, safety equipment, operation, and maintenance.  If a pool does not meet operational standards they will be required to correct those conditions.  In certain cases a pool may be required to close until compliance can be achieved.

Public pools are required to complete an operational report on a daily basis which notes conditions in the pool for each day.  Additionally pools are required to sample water at least quarterly to assure compliance with bacterial standards.

Pools are required to develop or be provided with an emergency response plan which would addressblood spills, contamination incidents, and other water quality problems.

New or reconstructed pools are required to submit plans to the MDNRE prior to construction and havethe MDNRE conduct a pre-opening inspection prior to opening to the public.

The link for the MDNRE site for Swimming Pools contains useful information such as:

  • Monthly Operation Report
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Swimming Pools Law and Rules