Type II Public Water Supplies (non-community)

A Type II Public Water Supply is a non-community water supply that provides water from an on-site well to 25 or more persons at least 60 days a year, or has 15 or more service connections.   Each Type II water supply has an identification number called a Water Supply Serial Number (WSSN). All public water supplies are governed by the Safe Drinking Water Act, Act 399, PA 1978, as amended.

Type II water supplies are divided into two categories:  transient and non-transient:

  • Transient water supplies serve 25 or more different persons 60 days or more per year. Examples are smaller restaurants, campgrounds, churches and parks.
  • Non-transient water supplies serve the same 25 persons on a regular basis:  at least 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, and at least 6 months a year. Examples are: Schools, day care centers, factories and larger restaurants.  In addition, non-transient water supplies are required to have state certified operators to oversee the water supply system.


A construction permit is required prior to construction of a Type II public water supply.  Permit Applications can be obtained at the Health Department office in each county or through the MDEQ website below.

Monitoring Requirements

All Type II water supplies are required to monitor (sample) for coliform bacteria and nitrates.

Non- transient water supplies have additional monitoring requirements. Sampling requirements are established by the Health Department during a sanitary survey or as a result of contamination or construction problems.

The Board of Health for District Health Department No.2 has established a policy that all required water samples for transient water supplies be collected by health department staff or the health department’s contractual agent.  This policy assures that all required water samples are collected.  This policy does not extend to non-transient water supplies because they are required to have a state certified operator that oversees that water supply.

Sanitary Surveys

District Health Department No. 2 conducts a sanitary survey of each Type II water supply once every five (5) years.  The sanitary survey determines if the water supply is in compliance with construction and operational requirements.  It also establishes the sampling frequency for the water supply.


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