Water Supply Advisory Committee

The Water Supply Advisory Committee (WSAC) was created by the local sanitary code for District Health Department No. 2 in 1997.  Its purpose is to advise the health department on various water supply program matters including:

  • Reviewing the Educational Guide
  • Reviewing proposed rules revision
  • Reviewing proposed procedural changes in the Water Supply Program
  • Developing educational materials

The members on the WSAC shall include:

  • Two (2) county commissioners on the Board of Health
  • Two (2) citizens residing in the district
  • Four (4) registered well drillers
  • One (1) licensed builder
  • One (1) sewage disposal system installer within the district
  • One (1) District Health Department No.2 employee
  • Other special appointments by the Board of Health

All meetings of the WSAC are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

A list of current members of the Water Supply Advisory Committee can be seen on the link below.

2016 WSAC Members